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Fall 2006 Issue
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Foley in action
Mark Foley has an instant message for Maryland voters.

ANNAPOLIS, MD—In the latest blow to the state’s drive toward electronic voting, a group of frustrated citizens is registering its opposition to what it calls an overly sexualized system.  The group claims the touch screen system is too sensual, distracting voters from the weighty matters at hand.  “There’s too much touching and stroking, and inserting of cards.  It’s scandalous.  We miss the old-fashioned yanking of levers,”...(read more)

Ida Ruben's Hair announces its run for the Maryland State Senate at a recent press conference.

TAKOMA PARK, MD— Though incumbent Ida Ruben lost to Jamie Raskin in the District 20 Democratic primary, she is still a controversial figure in this election.  In a move that surprised everybody, even Ruben, her Hair announced that it would run as an Independent for state senate...(read more) 

Tavlok, an immigrant from planet Vulcan, is nonplussed by the nation's illegal alien debate.

TAKOMA PARK, MD—The debate over immigration reform and enforcement has become a major election issue nationally, but even more so in Takoma Park. Traditionally the city has welcomed diversity regardless of a person’s documentation. This was one of the many aspects of Takoma Park that Tavlok, a recent  immigrant, found so attractive...(read more)


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Jamie Raskin tackles the tough issues.

Read the Raskin Q&A Interview that was too hot for the print edition! (Okay, his email to us got lost in cyberspace...but here it is.)

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