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For Boy Scout Jimmy Cranford, his mothers complex performance was the nights climax.

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Boy Scout Troop 735 is gearing up for its second annual Mother-Son Dance to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

The event is similar to the Girl Scout-sponsored Father-Daughter Dance, held annually around Valentine’s Day, but with a few twists.  In lieu of corsages, Troop 735 has stocked up on temporary tattoos with hearts that say “Mom.” But what really sets this event apart is the festive pole in the center of the dance floor.  It’s a nod to May Day, according to Den Mother Lucy Jones, but also a way to spotlight each couple for a special dance in the limelight....(read more)

Pro-Lice Movement Makes Headway in Takoma Park

One man baldly goes where no man has gone before.

TAKOMA PARK, MD—In the latest Takoma Park demonstration that no sacrifice is too great, a dedicated cadre of local fathers is yielding their self-esteem to protect innocent life. A small but steadfast group of Takoma Park fathers is taking an alternative route to handling their children’s lice with a program dubbed the LRP—the Louse Relocation Program....(read more) 

Nuclear family inspectors...local terrorists...Jerry Falwell's comeback...and more local news items

Walk into the “Rainbow Diversity Laundromat” on Carroll Avenue and you’ll immediately notice something different. There’s the peaceful rhythm of spinning clothes in the washing machines and dryers that line the room. Your mind switches from the usual frantic thoughts of whether there are enough vacant machines—to a sort of serene bliss. Is it the myriad crystals that populate every corner, the sounds of sitar muzak, or the faint scent of incense in the air? Or perhaps it’s the gentle nature of Bikram Schwartz-Sanchez, the laundromat’s longtime owner, as he greets you with a smile and a touch on the shoulder. “I think our success lies in our founding principle that we accept clothes of all colors, stripes, and patterns within the same laundry load. Everything else flows from that,” says Schwartz-Sanchez....(read more)


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Birthday Kids Have Cause to Celebrate

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Sarah Kiester was in a tizzy. Her daughter’s fifth birthday was fast approaching, and she had no idea what kind of party to have. “We had already done the barnyard party, the splash pool party, Silver Stars …. I was just at a loss.” Until she picked up the paper and realized that little Savannah’s birthday was on the same day as a large anti-war protest on the mall.....(read more) 


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