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100% Local, Organic, Free-Range Falsehoods


Click for Supernatural Childbirth
The Pixie Doula, fact or myth?

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Not content with merely natural childbirth, Takoma Park moms are flocking to Karen Schmeltz’s classes on Supernatural Childbirth, a method pioneered in Roswell, NM...(read more)

Click for Detachment Parenting
Detachment Parenting in Action

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Enough with carrying your toddler in a sling or nursing your teenager to sleep. Get ready for the latest parenting craze—detachment parenting...(read more) 




Click here for HypnoParenting
Hooray for HypnoParenting!

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Lately you might have noticed some of your children’s playmates being impeccably polite, cleaning your house, and even cooking you a grilled cheese sandwich. You might also have noticed their glassy eyes, and that after a sudden sharp noise they reverted to their usual behavior and began gnawing on your child’s leg. Drugs? Not even close...(read more)


Farewell Jillian
It's a dog's life.
Children's Librarian Jillian Hershberger pursues work with an easier population.

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